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Associate /Youth pastor

Welcome to our Application Page for the Associate/Youth Pastor of River Church. Here’s some information about our church and what the position is and what we’re offering.

About Our Church

River Church is situated on the Colorado River in Parker, AZ. Our church’s location is intentionally located in a party area with the mission of reaching the lost in the upriver area.

River Church is nondenominational with its origins rooted in the Stone-Campbell Movement better known to some as the Restoration Movement which was led by Alexander and Thomas Campbell and Barton W. Stone.

Restoration Movement churches share many common doctrines and practices but have no organizational structure above the local congregational level. Each church is independent, owns its own land and buildings, makes all its own decisions, etc. They are characterized by a focus on New Testament teaching, shared governance between clergy and laity, baptism by immersion and the weekly taking of the Lord’s Supper together.

The Associate/Youth Pastor is primarily a youth pastor position while sharing some of the pastoral responsibilities in the church, such as preaching, event planning, outreach, etc.

River Church has recently made focused changes to reach a younger demographic and is looking for someone who can share that vision and implement strategies to reach multiple generations.

The Associate Pastor Position:

 Full Time (40 hours a week)

Starting pay: $30,000-40,000 depending on experience. Medical insurance and two weeks paid vacation to start.

Job Description:

  1. The Associate Pastor will report to and work closely with the Senior Pastor and will be accountable on a daily basis to the Senior Pastor. The Associate Pastor will seek whatever guidance and support is needed to carry out the ministry from the Senior Pastor as well.
  2. The Associate Pastor is responsible to minister to the youth and young adults of our area.
  3. The Associate Pastor is responsible to recruit, build and maintain a healthy Youth Group that will meet once a week. He/she will recruit for summer camps and attend them. He/she will oversee the Children’s ministry as well by scheduling teachers, preparing lessons, etc. This includes planning & carrying out Vacation Bible School (VBS) each summer.
  4. The Associate Pastor will be involved in other ministry areas as the Senior Pastor and Ministry Council direct. A written report of work done will be presented monthly to the Ministry Council.
  5. The Associate Pastor will preach when the Senior Pastor is sick or gone or when requested to, as well as fill in for the Senior Pastor in other roles as needed.
  6. The Associate Pastor will work full time unless otherwise stated in the contract. Regular office hours of no less than 25 hours will be set and posted publicly. The Associate Pastor will be in the office during that time unless ministry duties require being elsewhere. The Associate will inform and secure permission from the Senior Pastor to be absent unless the Senior Pastor is out of the office and can’t be reached, as well as publicly note the absence (a note, FaceBook, Twitter, etc.)
  7. The Associate Pastor will be in charge of creating and following a youth budget.
  8. The Associate Pastor will need to have a valid driver’s license in order to drive youth to and from camps and youth events.


  1. A spiritually mature shepherd, who is passionate about helping people follow Jesus.

2. Follower of Jesus and has been baptized by immersion.

3. Strong communication skills

4.. Strong interpersonal and relational skills.

5.. Able to identify, recruit, train, and motivate leaders.

6.. Proficient in strategic planning and organizational leadership.

7. Prior experience in youth, children’s, and/or worship ministry a plus.

8. Willing to serve in a variety of areas.

9. Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent preferred.

10. Ordained or willing to pursue ordination.

Our Ideal Candidate:

Is recognizably humble

Intentionally pursues their own spiritual formation

Is committed to working in a team environment
Is willing to learn and is teachable

Is able to identify, recruit, train, and motivate leaders.

Inspires, empowers, and equips student and volunteer leaders on their team

Communicates well, both written and verbal (including upfront speaking abilities)

Understands the importance of intergenerational relationships for the health of the whole church

Understands the unique challenges parents face in today’s changing culture and is committed to walking with them

Prioritizes family discipleship as essential to effective youth ministry

Recognizes and is capable of engaging with post-Christian culture

Is committed to reimagining what youth ministry and the larger church can be in the future

Approaches ministry through a relational focus.

Is passionate and purposeful about cultivating a youth group of diversity, including female perspectives

Has previous ministry experience and is hungry to build a “successful” youth ministry beyond the typical numbers game

Is a servant leader who is willing to help when they see a need.