To Know Him… & Make Him Known

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Our Spiritual Growth Campaign for 2016 begins on January 10th. This year we’ll be looking at Boundaries and the powerful effect they can have in your life.

For those of you who’ve never done a Spiritual Growth Campaign they are basically made up of three parts.

  • Part One is the Sermon on Sunday on the Campaign topic.
  • Part Two is a daily devotional on the Campaign topic.
  • Part Three is a weekly small group on the Campaign topic.

All this material has been done right here at CCR. Louie has written the devotionals &  he and Amy have recorded the small group lessons for you to watch as well as prepared a workbook for you to use.

So get ready for this life changing event, and pray that God will use it to impact our community and to help us Know Him & Make Him Known.

All our video lessons will be embedded here in weekly updates once the Campaign starts. You can download the PDF of the Devotional & Workbook below. The sermons will be available on the Sermon Archive page.

Workbook Cover

Small Group Videos:

Session One: Family Dynamics:

Session Two: Navigating Your Friendships:

Session Three: Marriage:

Session Four: Teach Your Children:

Session Five: Work Boundaries:

Session Six: Brave Communication: