To Know Him… & Make Him Known

Spiritual Growth Campaigns

Each year River Church does a Spiritual Growth Campaign. Usually, in January and February we focus the entire church on one topic that we believe will help to complete our mission to Know Him and Make Him Known.

You can click on the images below to visit the pages where we’ve put all the materials we’ve created for each of these campaigns. They include daily devotionals for the length of the campaign, video teaching for the mid-week studies with study booklets to go along with the videos, and you can find the sermons for each of these campaigns on the sermon page as well.

These resources are yours to use freely. All we ask is that 1) you do not charge for them or resell them. 2) That you inform us when you do use them and credit River Church for them as well.

It’s our prayer that these will be a real blessing to you.

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