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Everyday in the Spirit

2019’s Spiritual Growth Campaign

This page has all the resources you’ll need to be a part of this Spiritual Growth Campaign. Below you’ll find all the small group resources and there’s also a link to the book that is part of this Campaign. God bless you and we¬†hope and pray this is a great blessing to you!

Everyday in the Spirit

This is the book that Louie wrote after more than a decade researching and teaching on the Holy Spirit. It contains 3 parts – Part One covers the materials that were preached on during the Campaign. Part Two covers the Fruit of the Spirit, which were our Small Group lessons. Part Three has two daily devotionals. The first one is linked to the campaign and has 40 devotionals. The second is all about the names and titles of the Holy Spirit in Scripture and is designed to be read after the Campaign is over.

It’s available on Amazon and is 572 pages long. The print book costs $14.99 and the e-book is only $4.99.


Links to each sermon will be here.

Small Group Resources

Small Group Lesson Outlines PDF

Small Group Teaching Videos

Each Sunday of the Campaign we’ll embed that week’s lesson below so you can access it here.

Week 1: