To Know Him… & Make Him Known

Welcome to the webpage for our 2017 Spiritual Growth Campaign – Radical! It’s all about the Sermon on the Mount. Below are nearly nearly everything you’ll need for this study, including the workbook/devotional, embedded teaching videos and links to the both the Campaign sermons and the sermon’s preached in 2016 on the Beatitudes that serve as an introduction to this Campaign.

Please feel free to use these materials for you own personal growth, in a small group or in your church. All we ask is that you’ll credit CCR as the source of all this free material!

  • For the Beatitude messages click here.

Here’s the Devotional & Small Group Workbook for Radical.

Small Group Teaching Videos:

Week One: Talk About Talk

Week Two: Sex & Lust

Week Three: The Model Prayer

Week Four: Fasting, Treasure & Two Masters

Week Five: Asking, Seeking, Knocking

Week Six: The Narrow Way

Week Seven: How To Apply & Live This Out